• The longer your commitment the more confidence, self-esteem, focus, self-defense and leadership knowledge you or your child will gain.
  • We are a family friendly club and we offer large family tuition discounts. 
  • SAVE on training programs: $50 to $100 when you pay for a full program.
  • Classes are taught by an experience Instructor with 35 years of Martial Art teachig Instruction.

Fees and Policies

Exams: In addition to class fees, students who wish to test for rank promotion must pay a testing fee.

  • $35 for White through Purple Belts (10th – 4th kyu). $10 additional for make-up exams.
  • $50 for 3rd Kyu and 2nd Kyu (Brown Belts)
  • $150 for 1st Kyu and Dan ranks

Belts exams for White through Brown Belts (2nd kyu) are offered once per session (three months)  Black Belt exams are given once per year. Students who need to re-test do not have to pay for the re-test.  

Other Fees

$75 One-time registration fee for new students
$15 Visitor Drop-In

Additional Training, Seminars, and Tournaments

We may periodically offer opportunities for students to participate in extra training sessions, seminars, and tournaments.  There may be fees for these events that are not included in regular class tuition.  If applicable, students are responsible for their own travel expenses.


(734) 447-3000

CALL/TEXT: (734) 365-6925

email us

Japanese Martial Arts Academy, LLC (Plymouth Industrial Park)
13101 Eckles Rd. Bldg 2, Suite 208
Plymouth, MI 48170

The Wayne Westland Salvation Army Gym (West side entrance)  
2300 S. Venoy Rd.
Westland, MI 48186


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