Orange belt test


KIHON: Basics or Fundamentals

  • Oi tzuki (lunch punch) (A)*
  • Age uke (rising block) (A)
  • Soto uke (middle outside block) (A)
  • Uchi uke (middle inside arm block) (A)
  • Gedan uke (barai) (lower swipping block) (A)
  • Shuto uke (knife hand block) (A)
  • Mae gery (front kick) (A)
  • Mawashi gery (round house kick) (A)
  • Kakato Otoshi geri (axe kick) (A)

KUMITE: Sanbon and Self-defense

  • 3 yodan (face)
  • 3 chudan (chest)
  • 3 maegeri
  • 3 mawashigeri     

JITSU: Ne-waza (Ground Techniques)

  • 3 Front falling and rolling
  • 3 Back falling and rolling
  • 3 Front falling and rolling

KATA: (Forms)

  • Heian Nidan – (peaceful mind, second level) image link or Pinan Shodan – (peaceful mind, first level) 

*(A) 5 time forward 

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