Kanku Dai, Heian Sandan Self-Defense Seminar

The Karate Kata Bunkai Self-Defense Seminar has been created to impart physical and psychological self-defense skills, suitable for individuals of all skill levels and backgrounds.

Our primary focus lies in exploring the Bunkai applications found in our Karate Style.

Interestingly, it's common for many Karate practitioners to perceive the fundamental techniques within Katas as simple blocks or direct strikes.

Were you informed that these katas embody a comprehensive spectrum of Karate techniques, ranging from fundamental moves to potentially lethal maneuvers? This comprehensive approach includes atemi-waza (striking), nage-waza (throwing or takedowns), kansetsu-waza (joint-locks & manipulation), shime-waza (choking), ne-waza (ground fighting & submission), and the strategic use of human pressure points.

Throughout our training, we will delve into multiple levels of these techniques – starting from foundational control and progressing to the potential for significant harm or even incapacitation.

For those who are not experienced in Karate, this seminar offers valuable takeaways from Karate forms:

  • Techniques to escape from grabs and chokes
  • Strategies for powerful blocking and striking
  • Establishing and maintaining personal boundaries
  • Gaining the ability to stand your ground confidently
  • Safely utilizing pressure points to deter or disable an attacker
  • Learning basic takedown methods and ground fighting techniques
  • And much more!

If you have any inquiries about the class or uncertainties regarding its suitability for you, our instructors will be more than happy to provide guidance.

Event Properties

Event Date 10-21-2023 5:00 pm
Event End Date 10-21-2023 7:00 pm
Individual Price $25
Location 39325 Plymouth Rd. Suite 104 Livonia, MI 48150

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