Programs at Silverado Karate

Karate for Kids

justin medalsOur Kids Program is a great way to introduce children in Karate-do Jutsu. Ages 6 to 10

It’s important to teach kids life skills that they can carry with them for years to come. Karate Jutsu has many benefits for people of all ages, especially kids. Children who take Karate Jutsu can help them learn to handle bullying, teaches healthy fitness habits, encourages discipline to help develop good study habits, and teaches kids respect and non-violent conflict resolution. 

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Karate for Teens

teens karateOur Teen's Karate program emphasizes a positive atmosphere with all the benefits of martial arts. 

Classes are also designed to learn self-defense, focus, self-control, confidence and self-esteem. They are fun, exciting and adventurous classes. Junior students learn the effective ways of dealing with bullies and they also develop leadership skills to help others.    

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Karate for Adults

karate adultsAdult students get in great shape, while working on their personal goals of self-protection, fitness, or becoming a Black Belt.  The exclusive adult training  curriculum includes the best disciplines of Karate Self-defense (Jutsu) and Sport Karate. 


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Competition Team

dojo-adults-team.jpgKarate is one of the most popular sports practiced in the world with over 50 million people involved from 164 countries. Our competition classes are geared towards competitive athletes who wish to enhance their speed, focus, accuracy, timing and efficiency of movement for local, regional, national and international karate competition.

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