• Please ensure that the zoom invite is not circulated on social media or the internet.

  • Sensei would like to hear and see your participation in our class. Please keep your video and mic on. However, if there are household noises distracting to the class, please go ahead and mute you mic (barking dogs, babies crying, etc.)

  • We will "Spotlight" Sensei. This keeps the instructor on the main screen. However, when Sensei is watching you perform, Spotlight must be turned off for him to see you. Therefore, we suggest you "pin" Sensei to your screen (see the "" in the top right corner of anyone's video image).

  • If you live in an apartment then no jumping on the floor or loud kiaing. If the instructor is jumping, then adjust. Just like Sensei says in class, no stomping into stances. Kiai can be a soft or silent kiai but with the same force and vigour.

  • Be warmed up and ready to go for the posted start time.

  • The Silvera Karate Tigers logo will appear on your screen when the class is about to start, please quiet down at that point.

  • Class will be limited to 45 minutes to One hour.


If you participate in any Zoom or virtual karate classes, your participation is based on the following terms which you are deemed to accept by your participation:

A. If you are currently a member of Silvera Karate Dojo, the terms of your Membership applies as set out in the Membership Waiver

B. If you are not a Member of Silvera Karate Dojo, the following terms apply to you:

By participating in Virtual Classes taught by the Japanese Martial Arts Academy (“Dojo”), you agree to the following terms and conditions which shall constitute the agreement for your training or for a minor child for which you are the parent or legal guardian, hereinafter referred to as the “Student” : 

1. The Student shall practice karate and generally act in accordance with the principles and philosophies of Karate-do, including without limitation, the principles of the Dojo Kun and the Niju Kun and Dojo rules, code of conduct or policies established by the Dojo.

2. The Student hereby releases and forever discharges the Dojo, Japanese Martial Arts Academy, USA Karate, International Budo Ryokukai and their respective instructors, guest instructors, directors, and officers, and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns from any claims, demands, damages, actions or causes of actions arising out of or in consequence of any loss, injury or damage to the Student or Student’s property incurred while attending at or participating in any classes, or arising from any knowledge, skill, or karate technique or exercise which the Student have learned or have been taught in connection with participation in any classes.

3. The Student is in proper physical condition to participate in the practice of karate and is aware that participation could result in physical injury and voluntarily accepts such risks. 

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