• Hour requirement: 20 – Hours Min
  • Clean uniform with our dojo patch
  • Demonstrate the Ability to tie your belt

KIHONBasic techniques (5 counts per technique)

  1. OI ZUKI (lunge punch-front stance)
  2. AGE UKE (rising block-front stance)
  3. SHUTO UKE (knife hand block-back stance)
  4. GEDAN BARAI (down block-front stance)
  5. KAKATO OTOSHI GERI (rising kick to head with leg fully extended)  (Rising kick to head with leg fully extended)
  6. MAE GERI (front kick-front stance)

GOHON KUMITE (5 ATTACKS - Static or stepping) According to the examiner’s indications

  • 5 JODAN (Upper Level)
  • 5 CHUDAN (Middle Level)
  • 5 MAE GERI (front kick-front stance) 

JUTSU: Grappling

  • Ukemi (falling) front and rear