Jion Kata Bunkai / Practical Applications Seminar

Bunkai Kata is not just a series of movements but a gateway to understanding the practical applications of each technique. By delving into the context and purpose behind the forms, we enhance our students' comprehension of self-defense, promoting a deeper connection to the martial arts.

Katas encompass a comprehensive spectrum of Karate techniques, ranging from fundamental moves to potentially lethal maneuvers. This comprehensive approach includes atemi-waza (striking), nage-waza (throwing or takedowns), kansetsu-waza (joint-locks & manipulation), shime-waza (choking), ne-waza (ground fighting & submission), and the strategic use of human pressure points. 

For those who are not experienced in martial arts, this seminar offers valuable takeaways from Karate forms, including:
  • Techniques to escape from grabs and chokes.
  • Strategies for powerful blocking and striking.
  • Establishing and maintaining personal boundaries.
  • Gaining the ability to stand your ground confidently.
  • Safely utilizing pressure points to deter or disable an attacker.
  • Learning basic takedown methods and ground fighting techniques.
    And much more! 

Event Properties

Event Date 02-03-2024 1:00 pm
Event End Date 02-03-2024 3:00 pm
Individual Price $25
Location 13101 Eckles Rd. Bldg 2, Suite 209 Plymouth, MI 48170

We are no longer accepting registration for this event


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