Roku kyu - Green belt 2nd degree

KIHON: Basics or Fundamentals

  1. Sanbon ren tzuki (Series of three punches) (A)*
  2. Age uke / Gyaku tzuki (Upper rising block with reverse punch) (B)*
  3. Soto uke / Gyaku tzuki (Outside forearm block with reverse punch) (A)
  4. Uchi uke / Gyaku tzuki (Inside forearm block with a reverse punch) (B)
  5. Gedan uke / Gyaku tzuki (Lower level sweeping block with reverse punch) (A)
  6. Shuto uke / Nukite (Knife-hand block with spear hand) (B)
  7. Mae ren geri (Double front kick)
  8. Mawashi ren geri (Roundhouse kick) (A)
  9. Yoko geri keage (Side snap kick/side rising kick) (A)
  10. Yoko geri kekomi (Side trust kick/side rising kick) (A)
  11. Ushiro geri (Back kick) (A)
  12. Kakato otoshigeri (Axe kick) (A)
  13. Ushiro Mawashi geri (Spinning back kick) (A)
  14. Ura mawashi (Hook kick) (A)

KUMITE: Sanbon Kumite and Self-defense

  • 3 yodan tzukis
  • 3 chudan tzukis
  • 3 Mae geri
  • 3 Mawashi geri
  • 3 Yoko kekomi
  • 3 Ushiro geris


  • Ukemi (falling, front, back and front roll)
  • 1 seated, 1 standing, 1 ground technique

KATA (Forms)

*(A) 5 x Forward *(B) 5 x Backward


The evaluation will be performed in a competition setting in which student’s performance will be evaluated by an instructor.

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