Women's Self-Defense Training: Six-Week Workshop

Women's Self Defense

Get 6 Weeks for $89

Women self-defense training course, designed to teach physical and psychological self-defense skills to women of all skill levels and backgrounds.

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You’ll learn:

  • How to escape from grabs and chokes
  • How to block and strike powerfully
  • How to set—and keep—boundaries
  • How to stand your ground
  • How to use pressure points to safely dissuade or disable an attacker
  • How to execute basic takedowns and fight while on the ground

…and much more!

The course takes place in six weeks.

*** Offer not valid for current members.

Duration: 6 weeks
Price: $89.00

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(734) 447-3000 main
(734) 365-6925 call/text 
Plymouth, MI
Livonia, MI
Wayne-Westland Salvation Army
(Gym - West side)
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