I do hereby agree to participate in the JMAA, LLC. (Japanese Martial Arts Academy LLC) (referred to as "Company") Located at 13101 Eckles Rd. Suite 209 Plymouth, MI 48170. The responsible party must read the entire contract before signing.

I recognize the risks of injury that are common to any performing arts program that my child or I participate in and I do hereby waive and release the Company from and against any and all claims, actions, causes of action, damages, costs, liabilities, expense of judgments, including attorney's fees and court costs, that arise out of my participation in this program. I hereby execute this Waiver and Release form permitting my minor child and / or myself to participate in the Company's program.

I understand that the classes are based on a twelve month calendar year and that tuition for the (years) school session is based on a twelve month calendar year. Students will average eight or more classes per month / per calendar year. I understand that three installments for new enrollments are due at registration: annual registration, first month and last month tuition. Last month tuition is a one-time fee as long as the student remains in the program. Students renewing will pay their annual registration fee on or before May 1st of each year. Tuition and testing fees (if eligible) are due and must be paid on or before the 25th of each month, regardless of Student's absence, major holidays, and / or school holidays. I understand that tuition not received by the first of each month will assess a late charge, starting at $15.00. Returned checks will result in a $35.00 penalty fee. Convenience fee of +4% will be added on CC charges. Every three months student's will receive a bill for testing fees (if eligible). Be advised that it is the Student and / or Guardian's responsibility to make sure payment is received on time. Delinquent accounts will be turned over to a collection agency. On-Line Bill Pay is the preferred method of receiving payment. All fees are subject to an annual increase due to the cost of living.

I understand that students may not switch classes, or make up classes without prior approval and scheduling with the Company's office. Adults can make up a class by assisting an instructor with another class, which will count towards training hours and 300 hours of Instructor Certification. All make up classes in the summer months of June and July, due to vacation or other obligations will always be credited. All other student make up classes are restricted from August through May, unless due to personal injury or serious medical illness. Student or responsible party must bring in a doctor's note stating the reason for the absence and indicating as to when the student may return to class. If student needs to change their class time due to other sport obligations, or for any other reason, scheduling must be approved and confirmed by the Company's office. Student tuition must be in good standing in order to receive make up classes.

I understand that Registration fees, tuition, equipment, camps, testing fees and private lessons are non-refundable. I understand that if I wish to terminate membership I will provide the Company a ninety day advance written notice on or before the 25th of the current billing cycle month, along with the required termination form, signed by the student and / or guardian and office manager (form is available, and must be completed through the Company office). Tuition Fees must be paid in full and your account must be in good standing (payment including the first sixty days of the ninety day period - the last thirty days will be applied from initial registration before a Student Termination request will be accepted by the Company and or the Company's Billing Company. I also understand that the last month tuition is a one-time fee as long as the student remains enrolled in the program. There are no pro-rations or refunds upon registration enrollment excluding the following exceptions. When a new student enrolls during their first month and wishes to start immediately with fewer than eight classes left in a month. For that month only a pro-ration will be allowed and charged $15 per class. This does not apply during major holidays, school holidays, and / or when the dojo is closed.

Uniforms, equipment, camps, testing fees, private lessons, etc. are all additional costs and are not included in with tuition or registration. By signing below indicates that you have read the Waiver and Release guidelines, terms and conditions, and regulations on this contract and fully understand the contents. This contract will remain on file in the Karate office unless the terms and conditions change. At that time a new contract will be executed.

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